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Reliable internet for whatever your needs might be. Stream, game, download and upload with ease. Speeds up to 150Mbps available.

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Wifi for the entire house so every room is covered and internet performance is optimal wherever you are.

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Day or night, there are real SPITwSPOTS representatives who are friendly and easy to reach for any service issues.

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When our business launched, back in April 2005, we wanted to bring convenient, WiFi access to tourists on the Homer Spit. Our plan was to create HOTwSPOTS all over the spit. SPIT…SPOTS. Get it? The “w” in the middle is for wireless. When was the last time your internet provider had a middle initial? We pronounce our name with a silent w: spit spots. Since that time we have shifted our primary focus and service offerings to include residential, business, and enterprise internet service.

What made you want to be in business to begin with?

We’re firm believers that everyone should have access to excellent internet service, even those that might have a hard time affording it. That’s why, in addition to our regular service, we provide HOTwSPOTS—free WiFi internet connection throughout the community. Anyone who wants to can get one hour of free access and pay just a little for longer use. We’re here to help make your life a little better.

What’s special about where you provide service?

Alaska is an incredible landscape to do business in. Sometimes it’s incredibly challenging, too. Alaska is home to the most beautiful, most rugged terrain in the United States. Combine that with the changes and volatility of the wireless internet market, and you’ve got a downright crazy idea for a business. But SPITwSPOTS wouldn’t have it any other way—we love serving the people of Alaska, particularly in some of our harder-to-reach communities, and bringing them fantastic wireless internet.

We look forward to serving you with high quality internet and great customer care. Contact us to get your high speed internet today.