Internet to meet your business connection needs

SPITwSPOTS has scalable packages to fit any size or stage your business is in

Essential Processing Package.*

Monthly Cost: $69

*Appropriate package for businesses needing credit card processing only.

Unlimited data. Setup fees waived with a 24 month commitment.

24/7 tech support available for all business and residential customers.
Talk to real people anytime day or night to get your issues resolved
(907) 226-2082.

Business Services:

Preferred Business Internet

The perfect solution for small and medium-size businesses.

Enterprise Business Internet

When you demand high internet usage, fast speeds and top performance level internet connection look no further than Enterprise Business Internet.

Business WiFi

Ensure a quality connection throughout your entire business facility starting at just $9/month.


WiFi Everywhere

Providing internet connections for the community

With more than a decade of experience in wireless connectivity, our engineers design and deploy a free/pay to use wireless internet solution. This allows people in the community to have free access to high-speed internet for up to one hour per day, or paid access for longer periods of time. The fees collected from paid access help to offset the cost of maintaining the system. Access passes allow connectivity to our HOTwSPOTS system anywhere on our network.


Are you interested in providing a public WiFi internet connection in your place of business? HOTwSPOTS by SPITwSPOTS are secure public WiFi internet connections. Hosts can choose to lease our service, or pay a onetime setup fee to bring this technology to their location.


HOTwSPOT users are securely firewalled from each other and receive the best speed their connected device is able to get. In other words, multiple users will not bog down the internet connection and no user is able to access any other users computer. Each new user is presented with a splash (or portal) page. Guests may try the service for free for one hour or sign up for longer service.

How it works

Our professional installers begin with a high quality access point designed to cover your specific area. We understand that every situation is different. Depending on your specific needs we can place an antenna outdoors to provide an outdoor WiFi internet connection or we can install an indoor setup for complete indoor coverage. We build each HOTwSPOT to our clients exacting needs, and our own high standards. Our HOTwSPOTS are highly flexible and customizable, so you are not locked into an indoor or outdoor only setup.