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The Fastest and Most Affordable Wireless Internet in Homer

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We are excited to announce that we are bringing high-speed wireless internet to you! You can sign up today by clicking on the box to the right!


From 1.5Mbps bandwidth for $49/month up to 100Mbps for $199/month with more speeds and prices in between.


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Double the speed of 6Mbps or higher SPITwSPOTS subscriptions for $20/month with new BOOST.

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Did you know that we now offer camera installs?

If you are interested in this for the winter months when you are away and want to check on your home or property, or just for peace of mind, call our office today!

 "I had a connection problem and called tech support at 10:30 pm. They walked me through the steps and got things going again. This happen several times in one week. Every time I called the techy was very nice and courteous. I got a call back that there might be a problem with the equipment so they sent someone to fix it at no charge to me. I have and continue to be pleased with the people and the service."
     - Deanna Thomas

"I have been a long time customer of Spitwspots and have always found them to be a solid company with good internet and customer service. They've always worked to solve any problems I've had and been a true pleasure to do business with."
     - Joey Lothian

"Dropped in to visit a friend and Eric & Beau were hooking up her internet~AwesomE Job Guys!! Friendly efficient customer service! You rock!"
     -Lindsay Leigh

"I've been with these guys for over a decade. That they can provide wireless internet at all in such difficult terrain is amazing. Like any utility provider, sometimes there are issues but I have always found them to be professional and courteous when I do have a problem."
     - Chris Fischer

"Always improving their service, never taking their customers for granted. What more could you want? Loyal customer since 2012."
     - Aaron Mahan

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